Work Your Light Oracle Card Reading, Divination, Psychic Reading, Intuitive Messages, Spiritual Gifts


Have you ever heard the right message at the right time that helps propel your life forward and gives you an opportunity to connect to your true self and heal? This is what Oracle Cards do for you, it brings forward the right information that you need to hear most at this moment in time.

Your reading will be delivered via e-mail and will include picture(s) of your cards, along with an explanation of your cards and any intuitive messages that come through. Nothing will be shipped.

The Work Your Light oracle is comprised of 44 beautifully illustrated cards that help you work your light in this world. They provide guidance to help spark action and your intuition.

Choose Between:

1 Card: Quick Energy Reading and to gain insight.

3 Cards: In-depth answer and understanding.

5 Cards: Builds upon 3 card reading to offer additional insight. 

You can choose to ask a specific question you want clarity around or have it be a blind reading (no question). Enter question on note to seller at checkout if you would like clarity around a specific area.

My name is Alisia and I have been reading cards for over 5 years. I utilize Divination, Oracle/Tarot Readings, Reiki, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Chakra Clearing in my spiritual business.

***Must be 18 years and older to receive a reading.***

It's important to note that oracle card readings are considered a tool for introspection and personal growth rather than a prediction of the future. Many people find value in oracle card readings as a means of gaining insight, finding inspiration, and exploring their inner world.