21-Day Reiki Healing Program

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Begin a profound and healing journey with our 21-Day Distant Reiki Healing Program, designed to restore balance, energy, and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit. Reiki, a centuries-old Japanese healing technique, harnesses the universal life force energy to promote holistic well-being, relaxation, and spiritual growth. For 21 days, I, Alisia, will connect with your energy and send you the healing power of Reiki and will guide you through this transformative experience from the comfort of your own space, allowing you to tap into the incredible healing power of Reiki no matter where you are in the world.

**Program Highlights:**

1. **Daily Distant Reiki Sessions:** Each day, you'll receive a distant Reiki session, tailored to your specific needs and intentions. These sessions will target energy blockages, reduce stress, and enhance your body's natural healing abilities. 

2. **Daily E-mails:** Complementing the Reiki sessions, you will receive daily e-mails for the 21 days offering daily guidance on Reiki and your healing journey.

3. **Chakra Balancing:** Throughout the program, I will focus on balancing your chakras, the energy centers within your body. A balanced chakra system can lead to improved emotional stability, clarity, and vitality.

4. **Personalized Support:** I, Alisia, will be available for ongoing support and guidance. You can discuss your progress, experiences, and any questions you may have.

5. **Journaling and Self-Reflection:** To help you track your journey, we encourage daily journaling and self-reflection exercises. This allows you to document your progress, insights, and shifts in energy. Journaling prompt will be included in the daily e-mails.

6. **Affirmations PDF Download:**Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that are repeated regularly with the intention of influencing one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a positive way. Affirmations help to reprogram the Reticular Activating System in your brain to bring about the change you desire in your life. 

7. **432 HZ Meditation Music:** You will also receive a MP4 downloadable file with the 432 HZ frequencies to listen to daily during the course of the program. This frequency is said to be the "miracle" frequency that can promote healing and balance in the body and mind. It's also believed that it can help to align and balance the body's chakras.

By the end of this 21-day program, you can expect to experience a profound sense of rejuvenation, reduced stress, improved mental clarity, and enhanced spiritual connection. Whether you're new to Reiki or have previous experience, this program will provide healing and personal growth. Join us on this transformative path to holistic well-being and discover the power of Distant Reiki Healing.