Fall Casting Herbs & Incense


Our Four Seasons Casting Herbs & Incense are a beautifully scented, handcrafted potpourri blends of seasonal flowers used for creating positive intentions, improving your mood and filling any space with seasonal color and natural fragrance! This bountiful 8 ounce jar is filled with an abundance of colorful, beautifully aromatic, pure herbal magic and a dash of genuine crystal gemstones! Our incense also come with charcoal disks and our wonderful incense recipes as a FREE GIFT! You can use these herbal incense in many ways:

* pour out the jar of herbs into a bowl to decorate/accent any altar, meditation space or room in your home
* burn as incense by using a teaspoon of herbs on a hot charcoal disk (included), in your incense burner.
* decorate tops of candles, accentuate seasonal wreaths or stir into a soothing bath.
* smudge any room, altar, or sacred space to clear away negative energy.
* create and charge your own healing oils (recipes included) by adding a pinch of herbs.
* invent a seasonal simmer by adding 2 teaspoons of herb to gently boiling water.
* make beautiful bath salts by adding a teaspoon to sea salt and a few drops of your favorite oil.
* cast a handful right into your fireplace or bonfire to draw in positive intentions, releasing the wonderful scents into the air.

Fall: Carthamus Flower, Sappan Wood, Angelica Root, Turmeric, Clematis Root, Notopterygium Root, Erythrina Bark, Cinnamon, along with Clove and Patchouli Angel’s Mist Essential Oils with a pinch of deep orange carnelian crystal chips! Incense for Fall Samhain, Halloween, Fall Equinox, Autumn, Abundance, Forgive, Prosperity, Harvest.

*8 ounce jar