Reiki Grid Set


This is a necessity for any massage, reiki or energy healer!  Many energy workers add the subtle vibrations of stone energy as a complement to their healing sessions or daily lives.

A ‘Grid’ is a way to arrange stones in a sacred geometric pattern. They are then consciously ‘activated’ by connecting a ‘line of Light’ between the stones so that they radiate an energy field in the immediate environment in which they are constructed or are essential for distant healing. Our sets have been graciously Reiki-charged and blessed.

NOW includes copper conducting energy-grid plate

Copper is considered a strong conductor of energy therefore, increasing the crystals’ natural healing powers.

Each beautiful set includes 6 hand selected tumble stones or points, 1 center stone, 1 hand made crystal wand (with master crystal, bamboo and feathers), 1 copper reiki grid plate and complete instructions. We have designed several Crystal Grids for specific healing, transforming and manifesting.

These also make fantastic Bagua grids.  Create them for any room in the house, based on your needs. The process is the same, only for Feng Shui, they are used to strengthen a particular room or office, house or garden.

Feng Shui Cures: Can work in ANY area of the Bagua based on their colors and energetic properties.

Choose from:

Amethyst GridSpirituality– 6 Amethyst Tumble Stones, 1 Clear Quartz, 1 Crystal Wand

Sodalite GridMeditation– 6 Sodalite Tumble Stones, 1 Amethyst, 1 Crystal Wand

Aventurine Grid-Transformation– 6 Aventurine Tumble Stones, 1 Chrysocolla, 1 Crystal Wand

Rose Quartz Grid-All Forms of Love– 6 Rose Quartz Tumble Stones, 1 Rhodonite, 1 Crystal Wand

Quartz Grid-Healing– 6 Clear Quartz Points, 1 Amethyst Point, 1 Crystal Wand

Chakra Grid-Balancing– 6 Chakra-correlated Stones, 7th Clear Quartz, 1 Crystal Wand

Black Tourmaline Grid-Protecting– 6 Black Tourmaline, 1 Hematite, 1 Crystal Wand