Sacred Cycles Candle Set


Ritual and spell candles have been used for centuries to focus and direct intention while evoking the presence of the divine. Candle magic is an ancient tradition that goes far beyond just lighting a candle and letting it burn.

Connect with the natural cycles and sync with the moon! This Sacred Cycles Candle set is the perfect tool for guidance in a specific area of life and for dream manifestation.

Each set comes with 4 candles and a single candle holder featuring designs by our in-house artist Jay Kay (@creativewannabe). A totally unique and one-of-a-kind gift! 

❤️ Red ~ Menstruation, New Moon, Winter
💗 Rose Gold ~ Ovulation, Full Moon, Summer
🤍 White ~ Follicular, Waxing Moon, Spring
💖 Pink ~ Luteal, Waning Moon, Fall

• Unscented
• Made from paraffin wax
• Each set includes 4 candles & 1 unique moon phases candleholder