15, 30, or 60 Minute Distant Financial Abundance & Money Reiki & Energy Healing Session


Liberate yourself from financial constraints and welcome abundance into your life! This Reiki session is designed to remove obstacles related to money and harness the transformative energy that paves the way for financial success.

Illuminate your connection with money, nurture your self-esteem, and embrace the happiness that comes from living in harmony with your most prosperous self. I am attuned/trained in Money Reiki, Money Reiki is a form of energy healing that focuses on clearing energy blocks related to money and abundance. Breaking through energetic blocks can help heal your relationship with money!

When you book this treatment you will receive:

💚 A Distant Sacred smoke energy cleansing

💚 Complete distance cleansing and balancing of the 7 major Chakras in your body using Crystals and Sacred Sound

💚 A Distant full body Money Reiki energy healing session

💚 A JPEG Printable with Money Affirmations (Shifting your mindset when it comes to Money is also a very important part of this process, these affirmations when said consistently and with belief will help propel your financial abundance journey.)

💚 A follow-up message with information about your session via email. 

Please fill out form & waiver below prior to booking.

The longer the Distant Reiki session the more in-depth healing will occur.

After purchase, you will receive an e-mail will information on your session.

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Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm CST (Central Time/United States)
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