Cord Cutting and Chakra Cleansing Distant Reiki Healing Session

$45 $60

Welcome to a transformative experience with our Cord Cutting and Chakra Cleansing Energy Healing session. Release emotional baggage, let go of past attachments, and restore your inner balance in this powerful 45-minute session.

Our skilled energy healer, Alisia, will guide you through a journey of renewal, helping you sever unhealthy energetic ties and cleanse your chakras. Cord cutting is a profound technique to break free from negative influences, past relationships, and emotional burdens, allowing you to reclaim your energy and vitality.

During this session, you'll receive personalized attention to address your specific needs, helping you realign your energy centers for optimal well-being. This process enhances emotional stability, mental clarity, and physical health.

Unlock the potential for transformation and healing as you clear old energy patterns and invite fresh, positive energy into your life. Experience deep relaxation, inner peace, and newfound strength as you embark on this journey of self-discovery.

In this session Alisia will connect with your energy through meditation and Reiki and I will severe the negative cords you have picked up during your lifetimes. These cords/attachments will be released to The Universe to be healed. Any beneficial cord/attachments will remain. I will also do a complete Chakra cleansing using Sacred smoke, Sacred sound and Crystals. 

Book your Cord Cutting and Chakra Cleansing Energy Healing session today and optimize your search for emotional freedom and energetic balance. Reclaim your vitality and start a new chapter of well-being with this tailored energy healing experience.

When you book this treatment you will receive:

~A Distant Cord Cutting

~A Distant Sacred smoke energy cleansing

~Complete cleansing and balancing of the 7 major Chakras in your body using Crystals and Sacred Sound

~A follow-up message with information about your session via e-mail. 

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